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If you’re looking for the music, it’s all at the following links, and most of it is still free!

Andy Samford – solo

Telestrion & Qualone

Rendlesham Forest Incident

Electric Minnow Music



Pickman’s Model



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11/1991 – Whatever – World Outside/Time
05/1992 – Garage Poets – I
08/1992 – Black Sunshine – EP
10/1994 – Pickman’s Model – Exploring Inner Space
11/1994 – Garage Poets – II, Crazy Horse
09/1995 – Pickman’s Model – Phobos
09/1995 – Pickman’s Model – Deimos
09/1995 – Garage Poets – III, Wisdom
06/1997 – Plaster – Demo #1
01/1998 – Plaster – Demo #2
01/1999 – Plaster – Long Way From Earth
02/1999 – Exploding Jazz Quartet – The Adventures Of R2-D2 & Yoda
04/2000 – Plaster – 13013
05/2001 – Garage Poets – Best Of: Didn’t Get The Message (compilation)
10/2004 – Qualone – S/T
10/2007 – Telestrion – S/T
11/2007 – Electric Sound Machine – Demo
06/2008 – Birthday Jennies
10/2008 – Hooray Saturday – Life In Metropolis
11/2008 – Scene Not Herd – Constructed And Piloted By Madmen
12/2008 – Garage Poets – IV, Pull The Lever
03/2009 – Plaster – The Complete Recordings (compilation)
03/2009 – Birthday Jennies – They Grow Up So Fast
04/2009 – Telestrion – Live At The Drunken Unicorn
06/2009 – Birthday Jennies – Turn On You
01/2010 – Rat Salad – A Tribute To Black Sabbath
01/2010 – Rat Salad – Live In Savannah, 2002
02/2010 – Birthday Jennies – Crawl
12/2010 – Feather Wars – EP
02/2011 – Say Zohn – The “M” Portant
02/2011 – Pickman’s Model – The Cats Of Ulthar
11/2011 – Garage Poets – V:Non Belief System
12/2011 – Say Zohn – Laughing For No Good Reason (single)
02/2012 – Say Zohn – Pink Goss Road
06/2012 – Telestrion – Molecule EP
09/2012 – Say Zohn – Menacing Music EP
12/2012 – Say Zohn – Junior Menace EP
01/2013 – Telestrion – Official Bootleg: Live At The Quad
02/2013 – Say Zohn – Recreational Use Of Miracle Drugs
02/2013 – Say Zohn – The Return Of Menace EP
02/2013 – Rendlesham Forest Incident – Last Flight Of The Hope Dempsey
07/2013 – Say Zohn – Unicorns & Dead Presidents EP
07/2013 – Telestrion – Official Bootleg #2 – Live At The Earl
07/2014 – Say Zohn – The Velvet Blind
02/2016 – The Moon Itself – Gravity Is A Weapon
11/2016 – The Moon Itself – F Lowe By Country Beats
07/2017 – Samford Family Jam – Volume One: 2016




all solo albums can be found at BANDCAMP!



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Rat Salad – A Tribute To Black Sabbath (2009)

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Rat Salad
A Tribute To Black Sabbath

Full Album 320 MP3 – 81 MB

01. Lord Of This World
02. After Forever
03. Electric Funeral
04. Hand Of Doom
05. Rat Salad
06. Wicked World
07. Cornucopia
08. Fairies Wear Boots

Recorded October 2009 at the Rat Salad Rehearsal Room.

Andy Samford – Vocals
Rob Gladkowski – Guitar
Damon Goldsmith – Guitar
Bret Showalter – Bass
Keith Rogers – Drums


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Rat Salad – Live In Savannah (2002)

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Recorded at the Velvet Elvis, Savannah, GA, March 2002.

01. Black Sabbath
02. Children Of The Grave
03. Electric Funeral
04. Hand Of Doom
05. Rat Salad
06. Sweet Leaf
07. NIB
08. Lord Of This World
09. Fairies Wear Boots
10. Wicked World
11. War Pigs

Andy Samford – Vocals
Rob Gladkowski – Guitar
Damon Goldsmith – Guitar
Bret Showalter – Bass
Keith Rogers – Drums

Full album 320 MP3 – 130 MB

Audio transferred from VHS, it sounds like an old 70’s bootleg!

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Plaster – Outside Woman Blues

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Plaster bassist/guitarist/singer/co-founder Stephen Carrington dug deep into his archives and found some Plaster rehearsal recordings from spring of ’97, likely the very first time we recorded anything… on the cassette was a great version of us performing Cream’s arrangement of the old blues classic, “Outside Woman Blues”, a song which, prior to receiving the copy of the tape from Stephen, I didn’t know a recording existed! On top of that, the sound quality is fantastic for a boom box recording from more than a decade ago. Recorded at the (in)famous Austin Avenue rehearsal studios in Marietta, GA, without further ado, here is Plaster performing “Outside Woman Blues”. Enjoy!

Plaster – Outside Woman Blues

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Welcome To Electric Minnow Music!

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Electric Minnow Records is a digital online record company formed to release some of the albums by the various creative conglomerates of Andy Samford and his musical cohorts to the digital masses free via this here musicblogwebspacething…. These will include new solo releases by Andy, and new releases from current projects such as Scene Not Herd, The Birthday Jennies, Hooray Saturday, and Garage Poets. We will also be dipping into the archives to release past solo work, as well as studio & live performances from former bands including Plaster, Pickman’s Model, Black Sunshine, and others. Albums and singles will be released through this blog, each track will be available individually as a 192 kpbs mp3 for quick downloading and sampling, or you can download a zip file which will include the entire album in high quality 320 kbps mp3 along with liner notes, artwork, album only bonus tracks, and such…..

Electric Minnow began life as a MySpace page with files uploaded via Megaupload, but thanks to my good friend Tim Alexander who has so graciously provided us with some webspace, bandwidth, and a style to cop all music will be shared here at electricminnowmusic.com.

To celebrate the birth of this new webpage, we will be releasing a new single by Andy Samford. 

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