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Say Zohn – Pink Goss Road (2012)

by on Sep.30, 2012, under Andy Samford & Jeff Ray, Say Zohn


320 MP3 

01. Balderdash 1 (3:42)
02. Across The Stage We Go (2:45)
03. Be Good At It (5:04)
04. What’s Wrong (5:41)
05. Balderdash 2 (3:24)
06. When She Comes To Town (2:59)
07. Worry (2:54)
08. Champion (2:33)
09. Wartime Mathmatics (4:00)
10. Balderdash 3 (3:48)
11. Ill We Meet Again (3:03)


12. Closet Full Of Monsters (1:41)
13. Blank White Spaces (3:54)


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Say Zohn – Laughing For No Good Reason (Single) (2011)

by on Dec.11, 2011, under Say Zohn


SIDE A – Laughing For No Good Reason (3:21) 
SIDE B – When I See John Lennon In The Afterlife (5:58)

Andy Samford – Music & Vocals
Jeff Ray – Vocals

Recorded December 10th, 2011 at Furious Midget Studios, Decatur, GA.
(c) 2011 Electric Minnow Music.

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Garage Poets – V: Non Belief System (2011)

by on Nov.23, 2011, under Andy Samford & Jeff Ray, Garage Poets


320 MP3

01. Superglue (3:07)
02. Every Rocket Fired At The Moon (3:33)
03. The In Between (2:15)
04. It’s Shne (0:34)
05. The Interview (3:15)
06. The Punishment (3:32)
07. Old Words Of Wisdom (5:15)
08. Enemies Of Springtime (4:11)
09. M-O-N-E-Y (4:13)
10. Like Francis Macomber (3:18)
11. Shrunk (4:50)
12. It’s Shne-Reprise (0:37)
13. Disassembled Gentlemen (3:13)

Jeff Ray – Vocals
Andy Samford – Music

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Say Zohn – The M Portant (2011)

by on Sep.23, 2011, under Birthday Jennies, Say Zohn

The M Portant

320 mp3 album download

01. The Balloon
02. Lillian Darling
03. Magic Beans
04. Gypsy Grown To Giantess
05. Ladies’ Choice
06. Birds Will Fly Backwards
07. Kaleidescope Patterns
08. Pressing Matters
09. Fright
10. Your Reputation Flew In Late Last Night
11. Early Evenings/Bad Tidings

Andy Samford – Guitars, Bass, Drum Sequencing, Synths, Vocals
Jeff Ray – Vocals


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Pickman’s Model – The Cats Of Ulthar (2011)

by on Sep.23, 2011, under Pickman's Model

The Cats Of Ulthar

320 kpbs MP3 album download

01. The 700 Steps (12:33)
02. Gugs (24:48)
03. Ghasts – The Vale Of Pnath (19:42)
04. Shoggoth (2:55)

Brendan McCusker – Drums
Andy Samford – Guitar
Brian Holcomb – Guitar
Stephen Carrington – Bass


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Telestrion – Molecule EP Preview Sampler

by on May.09, 2011, under Telestrion


A little taster from the forthcoming Telestrion EP

01. Molecule
02. Hallucination Orbit (outtake)


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Plaster – Austin Avenue Vol. 1

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Plaster

This is my favorite Plaster recording. Moreso than the album or any other rehearsals, demos, or live recordings, it really captures the full power of the band when we were firing on all cylinders. The audio quality is excellent, an 8 track live room recording. The band were getting ready to head up north for the Emissions From The Monolith festival, and we were at our peak; a well rehearsed, well-oiled machine, playing our strongest material. For Plaster, this is as good as it gets… and it’s pretty damn good.

Plaster – Austin Avenue Vol. 1 – 320 kpbs mp3

01. Sympathy Generator (7:07)
02. Hallucination Orbit (4:11)
03. The Mongrel (4:08)
04. Waiting (5:49)
05. Belly Of Mars (4:42)
06. Friends Of The Toad/Astronomy Domine/You Were Wrong (18:11)

Recorded May 2001 at Austin Avenue Rehearsal Studios AKA Dwayne’s House.

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Black Sunshine – Complete Recordings (1992)

by on Jan.20, 2011, under Early Days 91-94

Black Sunshine: Complete Recordings – 320 kpbs mp3


01. Dusk (Samford/Smith/Wyatt)
02. Just Fine (Samford/Wyatt)
03. Fear Of The Unknown (Samford/Wyatt)
04. Sodomy (Smith/Samford/Wyatt)

Recorded in Tim’s Basement, August 1992

Produced & Engineered by Brett Becker & Andy Samford
Mixed & Mastered by Andy Samford


05. High (Samford/Smith/Wyatt)
06. Door Fascination (Samford/Wyatt)
07. Jazzsong (Samford)
08. The Actual (Samford/Smith/Ray)

Recorded by Brett Becker, September, 1992 at The Wreck Room, Atlanta, GA.

Remastered by Andy Samford

Tim Wyatt – Vocals
Andy Samford – Guitar
John Smith – Bass
Jon Eason – Drums

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Electric Sound Machine (2007)

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Electric Sound Machine


Electric Sound Machine was a short lived side project that was also a reunion of 3 of the 4 members of a band we had been in 15 years prior. We had a nice little batch of songs worked up, and I wanted to make sure and capture them for posterity…. these were basically 16 track demos, recorded and mixed quickly, so they are a little rough around the edges, but good stuff nonetheless.

Electric Sound Machine – full album – 320kpbs mp3

01. Implant
02. Life Begins Again
03. Cosmonaut In The Spiral Skies
04. Time & Space
05. Can’t Get To Work On Time
06. Waves Of Sleep
07. You Dumb Fucker
08. The Door Is A Jar

All songs by Andy Samford except “Implant” and “Life Begins Again” by Andy Samford/John Smith.

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by A. Samford
Recorded by A. Samford at Avatar Studios, Atlanta, GA, October, 2007.

Andy Samford – Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Bass
John Smith – Bass
Jon Eason – Drums

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The Feather Wars (2010)

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Birthday Jennies, Feather Wars

The Feather Wars is basically the continuation of Birthday Jennies. Jeff likes to change the band name almost as often as he changes clothes. This will be the only release by The Feather Wars, as we’ve already changed the band name again.

The Feather Wars – full album download – 320 kpbs mp3

01. Curses To Thursday (3:58)
02. Disorder (3:48)
03. On High (7:48)
04. I’m Over Hoofin Now (2:55)
05. Last Spark (2:39)
06. Hang Around (3:49)

all songs by Samford/Ray

all music by samford
all words and vocals by ray

recorded May 2010 at Giant Midget Studios except #6 recorded December 2010.

produced mixed engineered by samford

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